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Pictures in forum post disappeared?

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Ah, I notice what is going on - an exclamation mark in the FireFox address bar:


It's Firefox blocking the content. The warning says: either it's mixed mode content or the encryption is not strong enough.


The links were http: and the forum is https: which originally made me suspect that it was mixed mode content blocking.




- that has been present since version 23 and I wrote the question using version 39 or 40.

- If I go into BBCode edit mode I can change the the Imgur links from http to https, but nothing changes.

- Changing "security.mixed_content.block_active_content" to "false" in about:config (and restarting) does not work either (something I'm not actually comfortable with, so I'm setting it back now).


I can see the pictures perfectly fine on imgur itself, and it now turns out that I can see them in Internet Explorer as well.


That leaves the "encryption not strong enough" option. Indeed, FireFox has become much stricter in recent versions.

Looking at the certificate I see encryption method PKCS #1 SHA-256 with RSA-encryption, but I can not find any information about what certificates FF started blocking recently (i.e. what the current requirements are).


(Additional note) I have also followed most tips in this post regarding SSL and TLS , but without success.

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