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WWW.BIRDFORMS.COM | Form Templates / Evernote!!!


Please sign up for free at Birdforms.com.  This is "Early Access" and the full site is not yet complete. However, you may utilize our "Free" form templates! Link your Evernote account and start sending our beautiful looking "Free" form templates directly into your Evernote account. They look GREAT! Please sign up and give us feedback. The full web site as well mobile & desktop apps are currently in process. PLEASE JOIN US! Thank you.


PS: Yes, when the website is complete you will have the ability to upload or build your own "custom forms" and send them directly into Evernote with ease. Please check us out! 

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Hi.  Seems to work well enough - just gave it a quick run through.  Due respect - I don't use forms often enough to justify even your lowest level of subscription,  and without being able to create a bespoke version it's much faster and cheaper for me to buy a pad of standard forms (or even hand-draw my own) and scan or photograph the content into Evernote when I need to.  It's nice to have a 'properly' laid out note though...


Since we're all a bit paranoid about security around here - does any part of my form data content touch your servers or systems before it gets to Evernote?


I'll look forward to developments.


Edit:  Just realised that the phone call form I completed didn't save the date and time or give me an option to insert it,  though it does show on the web page...  I know Evernote saves the created date,  but that might be different from the date or time of the call...

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Thank you for your response. I will continue to post as the application develops. Our goal is to obtain new users with our "free" subscription plan and offer paid services for features native features & custom form/workflow solutions. We do have a road map. I will be updating our site ASAP and hope to reach out to those who require an easy method of keeping track of forms/templates, and of coarse quickly generating those same forms into Evernote. (Or use our system stand alone). Also the ability to create "Their Own" form by uploading the HTML, SCANNING or otherwise getting your forms into our system. I will place a privacy statement page  on our site detailing how your data is stored within our databases / security levels and our policy's regarding your data. Again, this is early access. I am VERY pleased that you find the system functional and understandable. Thank you very much. I will post again soon as updates come in. We have just added the ability to "Email" the forms to any email address you type in. We will be giving you the ability to link with your Google Contacts as well soon. Please give us feedback and stand by for more updates. Thanks again.






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