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Upgrading mid-month

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I'm confident this must be covered elsewhere, but search doesn't reveal it.


My Evernote addiction has now reached the stage where I can't get by on the free stuff anymore and I need more … MORE I tell you!


In fact, help is what I need … my name is Colin, and I am an (imminent) Evernote Premium user … and I'll be grateful to anyone who can answer these questions:


  1. When I upgrade in the middle of the month, do I get 30 days from the day I upgrade, or only what is left of that month? (I presume I pay in full.)
  2. I am assuming the subscription automatically renews, so will I need to remember to downgrade back to free again when my "12-step" programme is complete?
  3. If I have the larger notes allowed by the premium usage, I guess I won't be able to edit them if I (ever) return to being a free (or Plus) user?


I have my credit card at the ready* … can anyone help?


In anticipation





(* to upgrade, folks!)

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Hi.  Your new subscription will run from the date you upgrade,  with the upload limit renewing every month (30 days) from then.  You'll always be able to downgrade with a suitable credit from the first month on,  and your re-subscription date (should you decide to continue) will always be visible to you after a login here - https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action - which is also a point from which you can upgrade.  If you're splurging a credit card,  then I think the renewal is automatic,  although you may get caught out by replacement credit cards from time to time - the banks seem strangely reluctant to honour payments on out of date card numbers...


If you do downgrade and want to edit a note,  you could highlight some or all of the content and copy it to new notes within your then note size limit,  and make any changes you need.  You won't be able to upload changes to the original note (unless you diminish its size to your new limit).


Now - unleash the spending!  (Unless you did it already...)

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