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Sync Down Only?


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Hello folks,


I moved away from Evernote for a while but due to work I've decided to buy a subscription. I deleted a bunch of notes from my Windows Evernote but they all appear to still be in the on-line account. I'd like to get those notes back but my concern is if I sync it from the desktop it'll delete those on-line notes. Is there a way to sync down only to ensure I get those notes back?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi.  I'd suggest you stop your desktop from syncing for the moment,  but check in the Trash Notebook.  Your deleted notes should still be there and restorable.


If that's not the case - and provided you don't have any unsynced notes or local notebooks on the desktop - you could exit Evernote completely and delete your database folder.  Then restart.  When you next sync the server will rebuild your database for you.

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