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I've been an Evernote user for a couple of years but only just recently using it to its full potential.


I send a lot of documents and forward email to my various notebooks for either accounting or project based work.


I'm digging deeper and looking at export options. I want to export all my individual 'notes' as PDF files. If I right click a note I can convert the note to PDF which is great but if I select a number of notes that option is no longer available. Is there a way to do that?


I have tried a suggestion that I've seen on the forums where by you copy all the notes in a notebook to another temp notebook and then merge them and print to PDF. Now that works but what I'm finding is that the individual notes don't come in as individual PDF pages they are sporadically just stretched across a number of PDF pages within a PDF doc. Is there a way to make sure the notes are organised as individual pages within the PDF doc?



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You can print the notes en masse as long as you don't mind all your notes in one PDF. 


Select the notes, right click - print.  Select PDF as the printer.  Go to options and check Print each note on a separate page (and whatever else you want to be printed).  Click OK and then click Print.  You should end up with one PDF with page breaks by note.

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Just to be clear if I select a number of Notes in a notebook and right-click there is no option to 'Print' the screen shot shows what is available.


However I can File/Print to get the print dialogue up and then select Layout pages per sheet as 1 then that will get what I'm after.


Is this the workflow you were referring to?


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