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(Archived) Append Text vs Edit Note

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If I create a note on my PC and later view it on my phone, I can only append text. If I create the note on my phone, I can later edit it on my phone. What can I do when I create notes on my PC so that I can edit them on both my phone and my PC? Thanks, Jeff

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If you only type plain text into a note on your PC/Mac, you should be able to edit it later on the iPhone.

If, however, you add a lot of styles, formatting, images, etc. then it can't be safely edited on the iPhone without discarding this data.

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Got it. If I use Trebuchet font and small size and have no formatting at all -- none -- it works.

If I copy something such as an email address on a PC, Windows clipboard maintains the email address status. How can I get rid of the formatting? I tried pasting into Notepad and copying back. Darn, the formatting is still there. I tried using the Gmail remove formatting feature and that worked but it inserted extra line breaks.

Is there a way, on the PC, to copy and remove the formatting?

Thanks, Jeff

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Got this also. Instead of Ctrl C, use Ctrl spacebar. It copies the test to the clipboard without formatting.

http://www.labnol.org/software/tutorial ... yles/3607/

Quickly Remove Formatting when you Copy-Paste Text In Office

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Here’s a very useful keyboard shortcut for Microsoft programs like Word, Outlook, Windows Live Writer, etc.

When you cut, copy & paste text from a web page into an email message or a Word document, the associated formatting styles also get copied along with the text.

If you like to clear this formatting, just select the text again and press Ctrl key followed by space bar. The selection is converted into plain text without requiring any macros and no more hunting the paste special menu button.

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Reading those comments about C and Java makes me really want to promote the idea of have the option to have evernote just do plain text entry on the client. I'd love to have syntax highlight. but that start into a sudo IDE.

i saw someone else talking a wanting Wiki syntax, and I'd love to see Markdown. maybe they should support a plugin system that like Apanta/Eclipse, Textmate or something else

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