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Dropbox the Links are redirected through evernote

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After creating links to Dropbox they first work fine then somehow the Links are redirected through evernote and will no longer work without signing in to evernote web first. 


Oops, we encountered an error.

Access denied.
You have accessed a location on this server that is not available.
You may need to Sign in to your account to access this page.


PLEASE!  how can I stop this from happening


using Version 6.0.13 Mac.

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In dropbox I hit link then copy

In evernote I type a name then hit make link

then past the link into evernote


Then It works! but later the link changes and a redirect is added to the link to make it go back through evevrnote.


Thats when I can no longer use the link without being logged into evernote web

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