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possible to display notes on browser page?

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Is there a way, when using the web clipper, to display the note on the page every time you visit it?


Or at bare minimum show an indication somewhere that a note already exists for this page, and click a little icon and then the note pops up?


Or if there's any suggestions for 3rd party tools that integrate with EN that provide this functionality I would super grateful, thank you! :-)

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Hi.  Short answer to your main question is 'no'.  I tend to rely on memory / browser history to avoid most duplicates.  Your clipper may show you similar pages after you clip - and if you see the current page is duplicated you could delete the new clip.  (The similar pages thing is Context,  which is a switchable option in some browser clippers - ymmv.)


Mainly though I don't worry about clipping - the motto is:  if in doubt - clip.  If I do a search at some point and find duplicate notes,  I'll delete the duplicates then.

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Stephanie - This will only get you partially to your goal, but you may want to check it out.


When you use a search engine you can have Evernote show thumbnails of Notes which have something in common with your search criteria. I know this works with Chrome. I suspect other browser can do it, too. It is a option of the Evernote Web Clipper. Within Chrome, select "Settings", "Extensions", and then "Options" under the Evernote Web Clipper.


I think this is what gazumped was referring to when he said, "The similar pages thing is Context".


Also, this feature may require Evernote Premium.

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