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Minimum size is too large

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Hello there.  
With the previous update to 5.9.0, I had an issue with my evernote window width increase.

I tried to shrink it but it would still take up about half of my screen.

I see others reported this issue in the past and possibly with this same update.

I just updated to the latest  and am now able to adjust my Note Panel but this is not good either as it shrinks to the right side, meaning if I adjust the width of the note panel, it cuts off the left side of the panel (the names of the notes) but allows me to see whatever is to the rights side within the note panel which is the white space along with the numbers of notes within each notebook. 

It would make more sense and be more helpful/usable if it would shrink to the left side so you could at least see the start of the notebook names..


Other than that, even more annoying is the fact I still cannot adjust the width of the main part of the note window. 

Please tell me if there's a way to shrink this smaller or include this adjustability in the next update.

Thank you.



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Hi.  It's always useful to post bugs in the thread that Evernote used to announce an update - in this case https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87863-new-evernote-for-windows-591/?p=376461


If that didn't fix your issue you might want to look into closing the one or both left-hand panels to gain more space while you wait for another update..


Left Panel              (toggle on/off with F10)
Note List                (toggle on/off with F11)
Note Panel             (toggle on/off with Ctrl + F11)

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