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(Archived) Feature Request: Option to turn off notifications


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Since these requests are over a year old, I wanted to support them. The Android app produces far too many system notifications that cause my phone to make a noise and keep blinking a light at me until I acknowledge the notification which opens Evernote, in most cases showing me the note I just typed ten seconds ago. This nearly renders the app useless to me. I want to write a note quickly and forget about it. (Even when I manually check for an update, I get a system notification that nothing was found even though it says so right where I clicked a second ago.) I cannot imagine anyone liking this behaviour, but at least give an option to turn it off.

Unlike sirikan, I could live with notifications about failed uploads since this is something that might make me take action (go outside and manually synchronize, for instance). But since we have different opinions, this is something that should be configurable as well, ideally separately.

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In the same topic:

I am enjoying the Evernote application very much, but find it annoying that there are so many notifications.

Since I update my own notes - I find it redundant to get notifications about that.

It would be good to get the option to chose when to get notified (notes updated by me, by others, notes updated on my desktop computer and so on).

And also - It would be nice if there was only one notification - like in the case of email: I get notified that I got 3 new emails - and when clicking it - I would be able to see (or better - chose to see) the notes that were updated.

And again -

Thanks for the wonderful work.

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I'm new to Evernote and enjoying the product, but also would like the ability to stop getting the notifications on my Droid Razr Maxx. It doesn't make noise, but the little green light that indicates something (new txt, email, or a pointless notification) flashes every time a note is synched. I'd think this would be simple to enable -- simply give the user an option of what notifications to see.

Otherwise, I'm loving it!

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In the Android client, you can enable/disable notifications for updated notes in notebooks shared to you or in notebooks that you've joined, on a notebook by notebook basis. Open the notebook panel, from the drodown menu on the upper right, select Reminder Notifications, and then select the notebooks that you want update notifications for. Tap on the check button in the upper left-hand corner when you're done. This is in current 5.1 beta version; not sure about the actual released version.


As far as I know,you do not get notifications for notes that are synced from your own accounts, at least I don't. Are you?

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