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how do you move the notes list panel to the left side?

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The 3 major panels are:

  • Left Panel (toggle on and off with F10)
  • Note List (toggle on and off with F11)
  • Note Panel (toggle on and off with Ctrl + F11)

In Windows, I prefer to use the Vertical List View. It is not promoted by Evernote, but it is fabulous and gives me tons of room to see a lot of my titles, plus half a page to see the content in my note. To get even more space, I toggle the Left Panel off (F10). 


This is what it looks like



For the life of me, I don't understand why Evernote keeps this format such a secret.

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Looks like they finally addressed this in the latest release— adding a 'view on left side' option via the right-click.  No point in having a preferred view be a 'keyboard shortcut.'  

So good job guys, it's no longer some big secret how to do it.  Now if you'll just add format painter I can relax and attribute some common sense to the development team.

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