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Automatic passing of Gmail to Evernote, but with resulting Note containing a link back to Gmail?

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I know of two ways to pass a Gmail message to Evernote:

  1. Forward the Gmail message to my personal Evernote email address. A feature of this approach is that it can be done automatically, using Gmail filters.
  2. Use the web clipper while in Gmail itself. A feature of this approach is that the resulting Evernote note will contain an "Open conversation in Gmail" link to take me back to the message in Gmail.

Is there a way to achieve both features? In other words, is there a way to have Gmail messages automatically passed to Evernote but also have the resulting EN note contain that "Open conversation in Gmail" link?




P.S. I doubt it matters, but I'm using EN on a Mac, and the browser is Safari.

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Thanks Dipper, but that does only the first of the two things -- i.e. it only forwards the messages to EN. My question was about how to do both that *and* have the resulting EN note contain a link back to Gmail -- i.e. the way it appears if instead of forwarding the Gmail message, I use the Web Clipper to send it to EN.

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You can use Zapier. Make an account, then click make new Zap. Set the trigger as Gmail new email and the action New Note in Evernote. Like this: http://www.evernote.com/l/Afool-NXBKpOgI7aXPCcJNhZrJbiCS8azQ0/


Then, scroll down and enter everything until you get to the Note Title box. Click Insert Gmail Fields and select subject. Then, go onto the Content field and select Insert Gmail Fields again. Select Body Plain, and then do a divider sort of thing (if you want). Then place Message URL. See here for a picture: http://www.evernote.com/l/AfpdUQbqf55Lo6ABZ2s4HK-TUzPLPJb30Tw/


Then, fill in all the other appropriate areas. 


Hope this helps!  :)

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You can use Zapier. ...


Excellent Dipper, that's what I needed. And it was a useful intro to Zapier too; I hadn't heard of it until now.


For the record, in case anyone else looks at this thread for an answer, when creating the Zap, I ended up placing the "Message URL" field into the "Source URL" box, rather than into the "Content" box as you'd suggested. The reason is that if the "Message URL" field is placed in the "Content" box, it ends up in Evernote only as plain text -- i.e. it's not clickable.


By contrast, placing the "Message URL" field into the "Source URL" box creates a clickable ink in the Evernote Note. It places it just above the Note body, on the same line as, and just to the right of, the "Created" and "Updated" fields.


Thanks again.

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