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Paste Text to Multiple Notes

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I haven't seen anyone ask this yet so hopefully it is not a duplicate ...


I frequently have a need to paste multiple lines of text into Evernote - but have each line of text create a new note (with the text being the title of  the note) ..


for instance - if am creating an outline for a book  (in some other app - or inside a single note) - I then want to create a separate note for each chapter/section so I can write and organize them independently.


Sort of like a reverse table-of-contents features.  Actually - this is *exactly* the reverse of Evernote's table-of-contents feature. Does this function exist?  is there another way to acheive this?


(equally useful on iPad or Windows versions ... so a way to do this on either platform would be appreciated)

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Hmmn.  I don't believe that's conventionally possible within Evernote,  but my take on it would be to paste all your lines of text into one note.  Then duplicate that note as many times as there are lines of text,  and start deleting unwanted lines in the respective notes.  Once you're down to the required line in the note contents,  that should automatically become the note title.  Create your TOC for future access and start typing the body text...


There may be other things you can do such as using email merging to send multiple emails from a data spreadsheet containing your lines,  but any method is going to involve a fair amount of manual work to tidy up the content.


Users have been asking for an easier way to split up notes for a while - like making the middle paragraph of this answer a separate note forinstance.  No sign from Evernote as yet that it's under consideration...

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Really guys? Really?

I am almost too speechless to reply to that sentiment - but in the interest of getting more useful replies:

1. people actually DO use other applications in their work other than evernote - and sometimes evernote is not the primary application for content creation.

2. Oh and maybe, just maybe I want to paste a list that I found on the web, but create a note for each item in the list to I can create/write content for each, separately.

More practically - when I write, I start with using a mindmapping application (I use several), that allow for rapid and robust organization of topics, subtopics and sections... the later, when I am ready to do prinicple writing - I want to have one note per "branch" (topic) ... and thus paste, say, 30 topics into evernote, one note per topic.

So I am asking how to do this in Evernote. It is neither an unrerasonable, not all-too unusual request ...


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I think @Gaz pretty much said you can't do it in EN.  The rest represents workaround suggestions typically proffered when EN doesn't do something a forum poster would like it to do.  Take them or leave them, nothing personal in the process.  And I do think we all realize that folks just might use more than one application. 


So, a bit confused here, particularly the reference to sentiment.  Really. 


IAC, perhaps someone else will have a solution/workaround more on point for you.  It might even help to list your apps so others with the same can contribute..

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well I was not suggesting an integration with any particular app - just a way that I can paste from the clipboard to create multiple notes ...

and - the reference to the sentiment: "as a general rule you don't want to transcribe text more than once" is a little preachy ... as I was precisely trying to avoid writing text more than once (with my request), and a presumption by whoever wrote it that my work flow was somehow flawed (and thus I should change it, rather than asking for a feature).

And last - I have been a premium evernote user for many years. If users don't post requests and frustrations to forums evernote PMs would be working in vacuum. Thankfully, many users persist despite often having their requests being shot down or marginalized by others.

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I think any solution I find will be a kludge ... I am hoping eventually evernote will add more options for pasting or adding notes in a future release.

even just an evernote keyboard shortcut for paste clipboard to new note, would speed this up a lot (though not ideal)


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You could try a keyboard macro tool like PhaseExpress to create your own hot key solution. Kind of a copy, create note, paste, next, repeat process. May Or may not work though.

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My favourite solution would be to allow the option for users,  once logged in to their account directly or via a web browser,  to take a long note and select lines or portions of the text to become new notes.  The options could be to create a new note from the selected content with a link back to the original and:

  • leave selection in place
  • delete selection,  insert link to new note
  • delete selection

That would allow @cornell2 to split up a list and replace it with a TOC,  and would also allow longer texts to be split into sections or have explanations inserted Wiki-style (my favourite*) so that a much longer article could be cut down to a much more pad- and mobile-friendly...

The Alcubierre drive, also known as the Alcubierre metric or Warp Drive, is a mathematical model of a spacetime exhibiting features reminiscent of the fictional "warp drive" from Star Trek, which can travel "faster than light" (although not in a local sense - more here).

The key characteristics of the application of Alcubierre warp drives for time control and time travel are presented in the attached picture.


etc,  etc...


*Channelling Fifth Elephant there...  ;)

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If we get the drive first,  you could always use the time travel option to go get the text splitter in the future..  but the same page actually says that you can't go back in time,  so it's a one way trip,  and you'd never be able to share that version around.  :(

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well actually a better strategy would be - 

1. get the warp drive first

2. use the time travel option to go *back* in time to buy Apple and Google stock etc ...

3. become a multi-billionaire in the present day

4. buy Evernote - the company.

5. direct the engineers to add my text-pasting feature.

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