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Content differs in different computers: how do I solve this?

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Some notes are missing when I launch desktop Evernote in my Macboook Air compared to my iMac or the web version. Still, Evernote in the MAB can produce notes that are uploaded and synced correctly. Those notes appear in my other devices (including my iPhone). But there are a few notes missing the MAB formt the last few days. How do I sync this properly? I tried throwing Evernote app to Trash and reinstalling from the Evernote website. Still same notes, same settings, same everything. Not sure how to proceed. Is there a way to make a clean install? Search the forum and found many similar questions but no solution. 





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@ JMichael: I saw that. but the link  "Backup and completely uninstall EN Mac App and data (click this link to see details)" is faulty. Tehre is nothing there and I go back to the same page. This is not helpful. I am running Evernote 6.1. 


Sorry for the faulty link.  It is now fixed.

Please try again, and let me know if you have any further issues.

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Thanks. In the meantime found the folder, but this trick is very useful to know for future instances. See for example my other post HERE. In that case, I am not actually missing any note anywhere. Still, all the devices (and the web app) show differnt total number of notes. Strange. 





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