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Remove dead space and various things from Note Panel, desktop interface. Show all the tags.


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Hello, I'm new to Evernote and testing it thoroughly. I'm trying to declutter the Evernote desktop window so I can focus on content, but I'm having poor luck. I got rid of everything on the toolbar through "customize", but it leaves a lot of dead space. I deselected the Left Panel, which is totally useless to me and has tons of dead space. Now I have two panes: the "snippet" list on the left and the Note Panel on the right. Unfortunately the Note Panel has lots of junk I don't use, like the text formatting toolbar and the "reminder"/"present"/etc buttons. I'd also like to remove the Notebook menu at the top of the Note Panel because I only have one Notebook (notebook categorization appears to be completely replaceable by tags).


It would be great to remove the search box entirely, because it's a lot of dead space when it's not being actively used. Ideally it would be combined with the File/Edit/View/etc menu at the top and the whole thing would only appear when being used. Notepad++ works like that.


My screen is 900 pixels in height and the top 160 pixels or so are almost all dead space, about 18% of the screen real estate! (It would be another 20 or so pixels wasted if there was a title bar for the window, but I removed that using Autohotkey.) And the most important info is mostly hidden--the tags!


The tag list in the Note Panel only shows a few tags and buries the rest under a menu that requires clicking. I figure a typical note will have about 10 or more tags in a fully implemented Evernote, and this info is the heart and soul of the program, so it should be very visible at all times. Meanwhile, instead of showing this essential info the display is full of dead space and marginally useful widgets/buttons. Can this be changed? In the standalone note window, more tags are shown, but only one line's worth and the rest are buried just like in the Note Panel. Likewise for the snippet display--just one line of tags and the rest aren't visible. The best workaround I've found so far is to maximize the width of the Note List in snippet mode and toggle it on/off.


Are there are any customization options for this stuff deep in the code somewhere?


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No options in the user interface for what you want to do. 


Some advice, tagging is the way to go but 10 tags per note may be a bit excessive.  Having used EN for a while now I tend to use tags to leverage the search power of EN by creating a smaller set upon which to perform the search.  My objective most of the time is to get a result set of less than 25 notes.  Typically, If a tag won't be applied to more than 10 notes, I won't create it.  Your use case for sure can be different though.  FWIW.

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