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Suggestion about a new feature: Sort notes in Evernote by "Tag's priority"

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I use Evernote for my business. I have many scheduled notes about different projects and customers. My notes have tags according projects names and customer names. Also they have reminders. I know which customers or projects are more important or more profitable. When I see today's notes I want to see first notes about these more important projects and customer. Now it is impossible in Evernote.


I have my own priority list in one note. And every day when I start to work with notes I apply filtres many times according to this list. First I see all notes about the customer A, then about the customer B... It is OK but a little boring because the application can do it more fast.


My suggestion is: to develop notes sorting by Tag's priority. The user can set Tag's priority in special place in the application.

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Don't know if EN will implement what you are requesting or not.  In the meantime you could consider a scheme using tags like Cust.A,, Cust.B, etc. to stratify your customers.(likewise Proj.A, Proj.B for a project hierarchy).  Might be a little easier to see the items in groups as well.  AND search of Cust.A and Proj.A would show the most important stuff across both.  FWIW.

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