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Beginner, How Do I Save Notes?

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What must be done to save new or modified notes while using Evernote and no connected to the web?


I cannot save either in the Evernote installed in my Windows 10 computer.  I use Evernote only on that computer.  Do I have to synchronize with/to something else to save what I type?


If I go on to the web, to Evernote.com and log in, I can see my notes and create new ones or modify existing ones.  If I go back to the Evernote that is on my computer, I do not see any of the changes that show on Evernote.com.


Can I use Evernote without involving the web?



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You can use EN without involving the web, but that might defeat its purpose a bit, particularly if you want to be multi platform for some of your notes..  But, if that's how you want to do it you could either only have local notebooks or never sync.


Relative to sync, you should be sure and sync whenever you enter/leave the desktop app, that should bring the changes from the web to the PC.  To set up automatic syncing, go to Tools - Options - Sync and you will see a Synchronize automatically option.  You can select one of the time frames there.  I use 10 minutes FWIW.

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