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Merging 2 android phones with 2 different evernote acounts?

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Hi.  You can't easily switch between accounts on a mobile,  so I'd suggest you do any merging on a desktop.  If your new phone though has a new account with no notes in it,  why not sign out of that account on your new phone and just sign in to the old account?  Evernote > Settings > Account info and scroll down to sign out,  then use the user name and password from your old account to sign back in.


If you do have some notes in the new account,  open that account on a desktop and share all your notebooks with your old account.  Then log in to your old account,  sync carefully,  and copy the shared notes into your existing or new notebooks.  You'll then be able to see all the notes on your phone.  Once you've copied the notes across (and have seen the copy notes on your phone) you could delete them from the new account and deactivate it.

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