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BUG - Evernote Outlook Plug-In Marking Outbox Messages as "Read"

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I'm using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 x64. I just updated Evernote and now it's ***** up my Outbox. I know it's the Evernote Outlook Clipper, as I only use a few add-ins, disabled them all, and tested each individually.


This is what happens:


1. I write an email and it goes to the Outbox. My send/receive happens every 30 minutes, so it could be in there for a while.


2. I click into the Outbox for some reason - need to alter an email, etc.


3. The top email in the Outbox will be un-queued for sending - it won't be italicised, has "none" in the send field, and won't send for blood nor money. 


4. I have to delete it and redo the email, careful not to click into the Outbox before it's sent.


This is a screenshot of the Outbox with some test messages in it, showing the first one unread (bold), but not queued to send (not italicised): http://screencast.com/t/BV4fCK3fsH5l


I can replicate this every single time and it's a big pain in the arse. I'm a Premium user, I use this feature in Outlook all of the time, and it's very seriously ***** me up! 


There are some forums saying that it's an add-in marking the message as "read" (even though it's still bold, which means "unread"). Please fix this!

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Hi.  Since you're a premium user I'd suggest you raise a support request - choose the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


-or reach out on Twitter @Evernotehelps


You'll also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.

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