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Bug when dropping images

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Im currently using Evernote to work on a creative project. I do a lot of research with images and I keep them in Evernote, so I'm constantly dragging and dropping images into notes. After I installed the latest Evernote update doing this task is extremely annoying. Every time I drop an image on the top of my note, the note automatically goes to the last image on the bottom of the note, and I have a bunch of images on it. So that means that I constantly have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll up to the top. Every time that I want to add a new image I have to scroll all the way up. I want to do my research as fast as I can, but I can't.  This problem is making me crazy. I'm using a mac BTW.





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Hi.  Ever thought about using the clipper (assuming you're browsing) to clip these images into a series of individual notes with a common title or tag?  If you check the options in Clipper you can pre-specify quite a lot in some versions.  If you want the images in one note you could merge them afterward,  though with multiple images you run the risk of creating an unsyncable note over the maximum size limit for your subscription level.

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