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Synchronizing Multiple Devices

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I have my desktop EN set to sync only manually. I have my iOS EN devices set to sync only over WiFi.


I have a hypothesis. If I have EN installed on 2 devices, I need to perform 3 syncs in order to bring the devices to a condition in which their contents are identical. I would need to sync them like this: D1 (Device 1), D2, and then I would need to sync D1 again in order to pick up any new content on D2 that D1 didn't pick up when it was synced the first time.


Similarly, with 3 devices, I would need to sync them like this: D1, D2, D3, D2, D1.


Generalizing, the number of syncs needed, N, would equal 2 times D minus 1, where D is the number of devices.


Can you confirm?


If this is not the case, can you explain why not and what I would need to do to sync the 3 devices I actually have? 

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Hi.  I think you need to do 2 syncs max.  On each machine as you use it -


Sync before you view/ edit to pull down the latest information from the server.

Do what you need to.

Sync after you complete your current task to update the server.


Your app 'should' probably sync automatically,  either on time limit or when you close a note - that seems to be the behaviour being adopted in all clients.  But manual syncs take out any possibility of error / timing issues.

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I think you are right, with two devices neither of which has recently synced, it will take 3 syncs.

  • Sync A: Push new A to server.
  • Sync B: Push new B to server, get new A from server.
  • Sync A: Get new B from server

Sequence supplied for Gaz. :P;)

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