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Changes in Table (Ver. 5.9.08665) - Annoyance


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Hello all,


I was wondering whether there is a way for me to keep my table the way it used to be in older versions, where the width of table gets 'automatically' wrapped into content size. 

It looks like such feature has disappeared from Ver 5.9.08665, making things much more cumbersome. Having an option where user can set a desired width is indeed nice, but there are occasions where I'd like my width to adjust automatically.


Please advise.


Thank you!

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Hi.  For the moment at least,  what you see is all you get - unless Evernote continue to develop the table functions and add this as a feature request at some later date.  It would be unusual for Evernote to comment one way or the other thogh as to whether this is likely to happen.  You could consider stepping back to the previous version...but that's likely more trouble than its worth.

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Thank you for your reply.


Each style definitely has pros/cons but with this new style, the formatting is often affected on the mobile devices. With previous adaptive table, I was able to open anywhere (pc, mobile, etc) and have a decent looking table. Now it's all over the place. It would be nice if users can get an option to choose the adaptive table width option.


While I love Evernote, some of the changes like these that gets implemented from the updates seem counter-intuitive. Not to mention removing 'partial searching' when searching the notebook title from EV4->EV5. 

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Depending on your risk tolerance you can use this website http://enml-editor.ping13.net/(ENML) to edit the note for table width.  Below are the before and after images of the salient area changing to a 600px wide table.  You can also adjust spacing and eventually save a template note of the table you prefer.  FWIW.









EDIT:  Not that if you adjust the width by dragging the edge, you may have to come back and do the edit again.

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