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Feature Request: Default Note Link colors


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Does anyone else think the default green for note links is difficult to read? I use links between notes fairly frequently, but the default "pale green" setup in Evernote isn't at all convenient for me to read on most computers, or on my phone. The only workaround I've found for this is highlighting every note link I create and forcing the color to something darker. Being able to change the default note link and hyperlink colors would make this much easier. 


Also, after I force my note links to show as an easier to read color, they'll occasionally (and seemingly randomly) change back to pale green. No idea what causes this, but then I just have to change the link colors again...

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Some of us Evernote users are getting older and our eyes cannot discern shades as easily. This is true of the green link. Plus all the light grey text is hard to read. I get around that in my web FireFox  by using the addon NoSquint. However that doesn't help the issues in Evernote.

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