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[Bug?] Cannot Resize Evernote to less than 900 pixels on Windows 10


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Since today's update, I can no longer split my screen 50:50 between Evernote and other programs; or rather, Evernote's window width locks at 900 pixels, and refuses to go any smaller.


This makes note-taking very difficult, as I usually have 2/3 of my screen for lecture slides, and 1/3 for Evernote - but now it is the other way around. I can barely read my lecture slides, and if I try moving the Evernote window, it hides the view of long sentences.


Please fix this for all us multi-taskers who use multiple windows in one screen. My screen is 15", and I'm sure those with smaller screens would struggle even more. 




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I have noticed that as well.  At least there is a scroll bar (Im okay with the text size being constant). 


Nothing to do with this topic, but if EN is full screen, left panel hidden (F10) in list view,(so the left panel is now the note list and the right is the note), when the note window is shrunk part of the note disappears without a scroll bar.  Easy enough to leave full screen and get a scroll bar, but it makes no sense to me that both views don't have a horizontal scroll for the note.  I doubt it's an intentional feature.

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EN came out with release 5.9.1 that is addresses the issue, a day or so ago.  Download and give it a go.




Thanks!! I downloaded the update, and true, it does allow resizing; but the font does not resize with it. The window just cuts off the visible areas.


Like so:




Still no good. I'm unable to work with EN anymore :(

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