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safari Please help - Web Clipper not working

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I am getting desperate to find out why I can't use the Web Clipper. I got only a useless white box that says I can use it to clip, but it doesn't clip. The black box with clipping options is gone. 

Could someone from Evernote please address this question?

Thank you.


Safari 8.0.5

Yosemite 10.10.3


Recently updated Flash. Could that have some impact?

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Can you post a screenshot of the white box?

We haven't seen any problems in our testing on Safari Clipper. Additional info that would be useful is:

- What Web Clipper version number you are running.

- Try uninstalling Clipper and then re-install it. 

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Well, this is humiliating. Last night I realized I was clicking the wrong button. The Evernote icon on the upper right of my screen gives the useless white box - still not sure what it does.

The Web Clipper is the icon on the left of my screen. Everything works perfectly when I clip that. Duh!

However, perhaps someone else will be briefly confused as I was and benefit from this post.

Thanks for being in touch.

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