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Want to adopt, but concerned about export

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Hi All,


I'd like to adopt evernote as the platform to collect my written notes, articles, pdfs, etc. in an organized, tagged fashion (currently I use a file system hierarchy on Windows).



I've considered that for a few years, but the concern that has prevented me is the apparent inability to export from Evernote to any other platform, such as downloading everything as text files/links/files in a zipped folder tree.


From a business standpoint, I understand they want to keep people locked in, but I don't know if my needs will change or if the platform will evolve and the purpose is to be an archive for my long-term note-taking.


Does anyone have experience with exporting from Evernote? How was it?



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You can export as HTML - pretty much every app will read and import HTML. Attachments come out in the same state you add them.


Why don't you just give it a try and see what you think?

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