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What does "Changes to notes are synced to Evernote immediately" mean?

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The release notes for the latest version, Evernote for Windows GA, states...


Improved sync

  • Most recently updated content syncs first
  • Changes to notes are synced to Evernote immediately

What does "synced to Evernote immediately" mean?  How does one enable this?


I installed this new version last night, but I haven't seen any difference in sync frequency or immediacy.



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It happens automatically.  If you are in Snippet view you wil see an up arrow in the upper right of the summary info for the note,. if in list view you will see an * in the sync column.  Immediate may be a bit of a misnomer, it may be 5-15 seconds after you leave the note before the up arrow or the * disappears meaning the sync has been done.

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So far it doesn't seem to be acting any differently than the previous version, i.e., it waits until the next 5 minute interval to sync unless I hit the F9 key.  Is there a special setting somewhere that needs enabled before the "immediate" sync works?

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No special key or setting of which I am aware.  Though I have noticed that it does not perform uniformly.  Sometimes it is quick, less than ten seconds, and sometimes it has taken 30 seconds or more.  If I pause editing and keep focus in the note it will sync before I return to editing the note. 


I just did two quick tests. 


  1. Pause test first.  I performed a manual sync and then edited a note.  After I stopped typing and stayed in the note, it took the following times for the * to appear/disappear:  15/10, 7/7 and 17/12. 
  2. Change note test.  Same as above except click on another note when done with the edit.  The * appears immediately after the click, but after 6 minutes has not synced.

Doesn't prove much other than it is syncing outside the scheduled interval if you pause in the note, not so sure when you change notes after the edit.  Second test looks like there may be a bug to me.  This may be what you are seeing.  FWIW

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