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Hi I have one bug, I would like to report: when I am writting with jot, I am using a zoomed window at the bottom of page. I don't use a moving one (play button in left lower corrner), but I want to move the blue rectangel by myself...and it is not possible...in other words, I have to 'click" on the rectangle several times, before it starts to move with my finger...

It is very annoying and I cannot use the app...

I am using Jot Script, iPad 3 mini and 6.1.1 version of Penult.

Is there any help?

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In the top section of the screen, the box should move to wherever you tap (in the blueish area) or you can tap within the zoom box rectangle and drag the box to where you would like it.


In the bottom zoomed area, you can use two fingers to scroll the box in any direction.


I hope this helps.




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