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I've been using evernote on my mobile phone to take snapshots of documents. Most of them I then moved into the appropriate notebooks. But then there is this really annoying note of over 100mbs residing in my inbox of many of these snapshots. I can't download it, I can only view it online otherwise it won't open and the only thing I can do with it is delete it. Trouble is I'm not sure all the snapshots were moved and I don't want to delete this file without checking.

What's it doing there? Is it an error? Can I do something with it besides view it online or delete it online?

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Hi.  "Inbox" is presumably your default notebook and unless you're a premium or business user,  100MB is over your allowed maximum note size*.  In any event 100MB is WAY too much information to download as a note onto your phone without a long wait and that much space available on the phone to store it.  Dealing with it on the desktop client or online is probably the only way to reduce its size.  You can do that by moving some pictures to individual notes if they haven't already been saved into Evernote.  You should be able to check any picture containing text by searching for that text - if the picture exists,  you should find it.  Delete that picture from your huge note.  If you don't find it,  move it to a separate note.  You might want to add some quick keywords to each picture so you can be sure to find it again if necessary.  As long as you don't exceed your monthly upload limit*,  it doesn't matter if you do duplicate some pictures - you can always delete the duplicates when and if you find them again.


As to how this note was created,  I can only guess that the way you've been adding pictures to your account was somehow incorrect.  Evernote doesn't create notes by itself - make sure you put any additional pictures into their own note!  ;)


* https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452

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Thanks for your reply. I thought that when I took a picture with snapshot, it would automatically create it's own note unless I chose to add extra snapshots to that particular file. I don't know what I'm doing wrong still. This is what the file looks like on the desktop evernote version.

If I can't understand the problem, I won't be using this method of capturing documents again. I have alternatives. I just thought it was going to be really useful.


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Hmmn.  That's showing 199MB when the max size of a premium account note is 200MB,  so I'd recommend reducing the size or deleting the note as soon as you can...  Unfortunately I can't get any more from that picture - somehow all your document snaps seem to have been attached to one note.  If you want to retry the process,  have a look for an Evernote Widget for your phone - some of them can be configured with a shortcut link to the Evernote camera,  and if you start the camera via that link,  take a picture,  then save the note,  you'll have one note = one picture.  You can take two or three snaps if you wish,  to document something,  but then always save the note,  to avoid this happening.  I use my phone all the time for ad-hoc scans and pictures,  and it works really well...

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If you have a note with lots of picture attachments,  you should be able to hover over an image and choose a downward pointing arrow which means 'download' to put that image on your computer.  You might have to give it a suitable name so you can easily identify the content.  With the number of images you have that's a lot of work,  but it should be less trouble (and more accurate) than trying to take screen shots.  You could also put all those renamed images into an Import Folder (if you use EN Windows) to have them sucked back into Evernote,  one picture to a note.

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Lyn - The fact that those notes have 259 attachments and take up 199 MB suggests something isn't happening right. - - - I'm not sure what though.


It could be that you are holding down the button too long when the camera is activated. When you hold down the button, the Camera app takes multiple shots, maybe as many as 10 per second. If you are putting these all into one EN Note, then I'm not surprised that the Note has turned out to be 199 MB. As gazumped suggested, adopt the practice of only 1 snapshot for each EN Note.


If that doesn't fix the problem, then I'd suggest you submit an official trouble ticket to the Evernote Corporation.

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Well downloading the pictures via the online evernote program was working and then it froze and a dialogue box said 'the app is currently unreachable'. I managed to download about 10 pictures, but they will all need the file extensions put on to make any sense. I think Evernote needs to look at this. How do I do that?

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Lyn, I pasted below the steps to submit a trouble ticket to the Evernote organization.


However, I am confused by your terminology / explanation of what you re experiencing. You said in your post above, "Well downloading the pictures via the online evernote program was working ". How did you ever get the pictures into Evernote Web (online)? Did you take some pictures using Evernote on your iPhone or iPad and they successfully synchronized up to Evernote Web? - - - I am also surprised at your statement about file extensions.




Here are the steps to submit a ticket.


Do this on your desktop computer (Windows or Mac):
  • Go to www.evernote.com.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the word "SUPPORT". A new window will pop up.
  • Click on the green words, "Contact us for support."
  • A window may pop up, asking for your email address and password. If yes, fill them in and click on "Sign-In".
  • Select a choice for each of the 3 drop-down boxes, starting with "What can we help with?" - - - For that one, a good choice is "Report a Bug".
  • When you start typing in the "Briefly describe the subject*" field, possible answers to your problem will pop up. If you see an answer that may solve your problem, click on it. If not ......
  • Click on "Continue". A new window will pop up.
  • Fill in details about your problem in the "Explain the problem in as much detail as possible*" box.
  • Click on "Submit Ticket". A new window will pop up.
  • It will show the ticket number assigned to your problem. Enter it into a Note in your Evernote database. (You weren't going to write it down, were you?)
Within a matter of minutes, you will get an automatically generated email, indicating that your trouble ticket has been received.
If you have Evernote Premium, there is a good chance you will get a response in 24 hours. Otherwise, expect to wait a few days.
Copy everything above into your Evernote database for the next time you have a problem.
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The 'no extension' problem might be a download issue - if you hit the 'download' down-arrow,  you actually get another web page (I'm using Windows 8.1) - the picture comes up in a new browser window with a URL like ... "https ://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/res/ ... /money_run.jpg?search=bitcoinxt?attachment" (I've added bold and spaces, and took out some of the address so it won't be an active link).  As you can see,  the correct filename is in there somewhere.


Depending on your OS and your next step,  that might still translate into an incorrect file name when saved.  I just right click and 'Save Image As' which automatically suggests the correct picture title with a JPG extension.


Hope you can sort this out with Support - if it helps they also have a 'chat' option as part of the reporting process.. they might be able to talk you.



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