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Cut ties of Skitch and Evernote


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I had not used Skitch in so long that I had to update it.  When I did, it asked me to supply it with my Evernote Login and Password.  I did so.


Skitch seems integrated with Evernote in a strong way now.  I do not want this.  I would like skitch to stand on it's own.


First, It created a skitch notebook automatically. I thought this was due to the preferences in Skitch being set to do so, so I changed the location to my Inbox, but the Skitch notebook is still created.  Then I thought, Ok, I will set it to the trash, but trash does not show up in the list of items I can select in Skitch.


I was poking around in the Library on Mac OS X in Application Support, and it seems Skitch, or Evernote, it is hard to tell where the line is drawn in what is shared, but I found a directory that had aliases, many of which were broken, that pointed to Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Chats, all and a few more.  I deleted all the arises, and left the non alias folders.


This is of concern, I put stuff in my Downloads folder that I do not want backed up, Downloads is excluded from any backups, it is a junk drawer for me that I feel safe that if anything in it exists, it will not be backed up, I know I can select all and delete, and there will be no trace of those files on my computer.  Now I don't believe that to be the case.  I know Time Machine is going to follow that alias.  I am lucky I did not rm ( delete ) all the files in Pictures in the terminal.  First I did a `file` on the Pictures folder and saw it was just an alias.  Had I deleted those, I was actually `cd`'d into the real Pictures folder, which in the terminal is not something obvious right away.


How do I get Skitch to stop making a Skitch Notebook in Evernote, and how do I use skitch without it being  a part of Evernote?

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