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REQUEST: Allow me to change "Share" to "Email" as the default



I am just starting to seriously consider Evernote for work and straight away I'm bothered by a couple things. 


Sharing a note -Let me change the default behavior of the Share button to Email

Currently the Share button sends notes via Evernote's Workchat feature. I don't work with anyone that uses Evernote so sharing via this method isn't any use to me. Having to use the dropdown box of the Share button every time I want to send one of my notes to someone has already gotten frustrating after only sending a handful of notes. Also, it's too easy to forget all of this and just click Share, send a note to someone and then realize that I sent something through Workchat instead of email it. Not ideal. 



Get Evernote message in email by default

The second thing is that the "Get Evernote" message is added to the bottom of the emails sent from Evernote by default. I've found the option to turn this off, and I know Evernote is trying to gain more customers but I still don't like when services do this by default. 



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