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Feature request - attachment previews inside a note



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Not as yet,  but it's a nice feature request..  not sure how practical that might be to implement.  Evernote would have to parse every attached file type to extract the thumbnail,  unless the original software provided that automatically...

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I believe it has to do that parsing already elsewhere


a ) for the new web feature that generates a thumbnail/preview for the "larges smallest" image in a node it has to measure all images

b ) for pdf files it already does the parsing for the thumbnail in the title

c ) for other file types i guess just show a default file icon


I guess its a question of storage - I suspect at present each node has a thumbnail attached to it , instead this would require each attachment for have a thumbnail, that does increase the storage a little , i guess you could generate it on the fly but that costs cpu cycles.  maybe a compromise would be to generate on the fly and "cache" n thumbnails per note.


I'm just asking that "if" evernote can display a thumbnail in a list view  then please show the same thumbnail in the note view for attachments.

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