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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Rotate images prior to upload


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I often take pictures with my G1 rotated vertically. This works out as a lot better shot in many circumstances, but when I go to view it in Evernote the picture is displayed sideways. It is annoying enough I can not fix it prior to upload, but I also can't from the web interface as well.

No other kind of fancy image editing is really important to me, but a simple preview display and a 'rotate left/right 90 degrees' buttons would be a MAJOR win for me.

EDIT: To be clear this applies mainly to the 'Snapshot' note for me, since it never entered the filesystem for using another app to rotate it (although that would be a nice feature too)

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I heard iPhone has the same issue. They use Photogene (in the app store) to fix it. For us, it doesn't. Maybe you can turn off "switch orientation automatically" in your phone setting . At least, you can see your photo in the right orientation when you rotate 90 degress of your phone. Otherwise, I think you have to edit it in window client to correct the orientation.

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