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Conformation of note deletion



Hi There,



When I delete a note, Evernote (Beta Webclient) shows a confirmation dialog (are you sure you want to delete this note?).


After deleting it show in top a thingie "Moved to trash", with a link to the trash can.


Question :

How about not showing the confirmation dialog? This saves a click and a workflow disturbance. And when in doubt I can go to the Trash-can with the aforementioned "Trashcan thingie" ? See pictures below.






Delete confirmation


Moved to trash:


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I would add that an Undo button/link would be useful in this case - maybe next to the 'Trash' link on the delete message toast.

Since delete just moves the note to trash, it should be easy to move it back to its previous folder.


This would save the extra click as @Linuxpete mentioned, and it would still give the user an option to "regret" the delete action without intruding with a dialog box that takes over the whole window (yes, I find full-window dialog boxes annoying).

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