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how to get the most functionality with .rtf docs

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I have what I hope is an easily fixed problem.


I have imported .rtf files onto my evernote desktop. On the desktop I can open and edit the file.


After synching I went to my iPad evernote app and could download and open the .rtf file but could not edit.


The primary value for me in this particular instance is having the ability to edit these .rtf docs on the go with the iPad.


I'm hoping this is problem is user inexperience. If anyone can help, I'd love to hear a solution.


Apologies if this is not posted in the right area.




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I find that there are two ways to import an rtf note. I use mac, so if you're using windows, it may be different.


1. You can drag the file to the Evernote icon in the dock. If I do this, the file is turned into native Evernote format and can be edited within Evernote, i.e. I don't have to open it in another program. Changes are synced to my phone and ipad.


2. You can drag the file into an existing note. Then it becomes an attachment to the note and can be opened with another program. Any changes I make in that program are synced to Evernote, i.e. the attachment is updated. When I view the note + attachment on my phone or ipad, I can download the attachment and see it, but not edit it -- unless I open it in another program. I am not sure if the changes I might make in that other program would be saved to the attachment. 


I prefer to use method 1 for rtf because I don't have to worry about an attachment syncing. 


Other types of files can only be imported as attachments. If I drag a Pages document to my dock icon, Evernote creates a new note with that file as an attachment. 


Hope this helps. If not, you might want to identify your operating system; maybe someone else will chime in with some advice.

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