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Web Clipper duplicated all my notebooks!


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Hello! As I've just written the web clipper extension  started to duplicate every notebook, i.e. I got two notebooks with same content. If I delete manually evernote files in chrome folder it seems resolved but every time I restart chrome the issue appears again :(


Can anyone help me?






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It's a bug in the Web Clipper. Please try in this order to:

- Clear cache on your Chrome browser

- Sign out from the Web Clipper / restart / sign back in to the Web Clipper. 


If that fails to fix it try uninstalling and then re-installing the Web Clipper. 

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Hi all,

This is most likely a bug in Chrome 45 (stable channel) and 46 (beta channel). Here's the bug report on their side: https://code.google....etail?id=520303. According to the report, it is already fixed in Chrome 47 (canary channel) and will be available in 46 tomorrow (September 9). No word yet on when it will be available in 45. Unfortunately we cannot fix this client side so affected users will have to wait until Chrome pushes out an update. 

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