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Deleting Accidentally Created Android Account

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I recently received an email that I had an Evernote account created and that I need to create a password for it (along with the 5 Evernote Tip emails). This came to the email registered with my Android phone.


However, I already have an existing Evernote account with a separate email. I believe this secondary account was created by accident in the login screen presented when I first download the app. Is there any way to delete this account *without* having to create a password for it? I didn't see any link in the email to notify Evernote that "I did not create this account" or anything else to mark it as invalid.

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As far as support is concerned,  I think there's a clue in the term 'non-paying'. 


If you don't want the account that seems to have been created by accident,  why not give it a simple password for long enough to deactivate it?  If you set the account up with your Android email address and need to use that address with your existing account,  you'll have to change the address in the new account to something else.  If you don't,  just open the app and log in with your existing account user information to see your current notes.

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