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One huge failing as I see it


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This still really bugs me, it is the reason I really don't use Penultimate, and it is this..


The way I work with Evernote, I create a note, a job sheet. In that note I keep all the relevant info on a job, from quotes, design, purchase orders, job numbers, materials used etc.


If I begin with a drawing or note using penultimate..when it syncs I CANNOT add anything further to the note, not text, not photos, nothing.

The only work around is to merge with other notes, but that can only be done on my mac, not in iOS, and it makes a mess of the note anyway.


Given the philosophy of EN, and of GTD, i.e. keeping all data in one organised place, I cannot see why this shortcoming should even exist.


Does anyone else have this problem?

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Thanks for your feedback.


One workaround to this is using note links. To create a note link within the Evernote for iOS app, open the note, tap the overflow menu ("..." button in bottom right on iPhone or top right on iPad), tap Share, tap Copy link, tap Private link, and then paste it into any other Evernote note. This will give you quick access to the linked note.


I hope this helps.




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