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I've Never Simultaneously Loved & Hated an App So Much

War Eagle


Now with the new version, I find that I have no choice as to the "view" of my notebooks -- I see only the list view. Not helpful. 

Personal notebooks are now marked with a blue icon, and more easily distinguishable from business notebooks which have a green icon, but only on the desktop version... while on the web ALL notebooks are green. Not helpful.

The icons for business and personal notebooks are now IDENTICALLY SHAPED which means that when you view the "All Notes" list you have NO way of knowing whether an individual note is in a business or personal notebook. Again, not helpful.
Evernote is so confusing -- and just when I seem to finally figure it out to the point where I can use a fraction of its features, THEY RELEASE A NEW VERSION. Then I have to spend hours looking at the discussion forums and playing around with it to try to get back to where I've barely got my head above water.

I'm a solo business person but I have a small team of colleagues I work with that I'd like to share notebooks with, but I don't because of the learning curve. I also have clients that I'd like to share notes and notebooks with but I can't ask them to use Evernote because it's just so non-intutive and ever-changing. It would just piss them off.

It's actually easier to EMAIL documents and info back and forth than to ask someone to join Evernote so they can share notebooks. Seriously. What a waste. So I mostly just use it for myself to keep my own information for future reference, like I would a physical journal. It just so happens that EN is searchable so it's superior to a physical notebook.

God only knows how a company of *any* size helps their people keep up with all the changes and non-intuitive design. It's almost as if they don't want you to! 

I'm above average in being tech savvy, but Evernote makes me feel like an absolute and utter idiot.
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Yes...I agree with everything you wrote. 


I love the simple interface for note taking and the file cabinet web storage. 


However, as I recently updated our account to business, it has been a waste of money. My team are physicians and they possess little technical know-how and even less patience. They love the clean look and the ease of writing notes, but they are becoming frustrated with the lack of intuitive design. I shudder to think how they will implode when Evernote pushes one of their infamous updates on my Zoolander-esque Luddites. 


Looking for alternatives before the natives become restless. As for me, back to personal use - and basic at that. 


Evernote - Thanks for almost nothing! 

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when i use the same version of Evernote (private), there is no such problem. Only Evernote Business account!

I have to change all the account im my company to be private account so that we can use a original multi-column stacks.

The new Evernote Business design is totally bad!

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