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Word Document Disappearance

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I have been working on a word document which I had attached in a note, making comments on it.  When I closed it down, it disappeared from the note.  Any suggestions as to where it might have gone?  I need it to send to someone.  Thanks.

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Not sure where it went.  You could try right clicking in the note and see if Save Attachments is an option.  You don't mention what platform, but if Windows you can look in the attachments folder under the Databases folder wherever you EN data is stored.  Might be a version in there.  Also, not sure, but a resource:application/msword should return all notes with a Word document in them.

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Hi Cal


Thank you for your reply.


I use Windows 8.1 and Word 2013.


Please explain your suggestion as I am not technical and do not understand where I would find any of the sections you mention!!! So, step by step guidance please. I am a Evernote Plus subscriber.



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1.  Go to the note that is missing the attachment.

2.  Right click in the body of the note and if Save Attachments is an option.

3.  If it is. click on it and save the attachment to your desktop or wherever and go from there.

4.  If not, below.


1.  In EN from the menu bar click Tools - Options.

2.  Click on Open Database folder

3.  Double click the Attachments folder in the right pane

4.  Look for the Word file, it will have .backup on the end of the file name.

5.  If it exists, drag it to the desk top

6.  Rename it, get rid of the .backup on the file name.

7.  If not, below.


1.  Since you are a plus member you can try and retrieve the note from history.

2.  Go to the note and click on the Info button, the stylized i.

3.  Go to the bottom of the list and click on View history.

4.  If there is any history backup of the note it will now appear.

5.  Click on the most recent version and a note will be added to your EN.

6.  Go to that note and the document should be there.


I would try these things in the above order to try and get the most current version of the doc.  If these don't work I don't know of any other options.  Hope it helps.

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Hi Cal


Just to let you know that going the database folder route worked, so thank you!  Also, the last suggestion is only available to premium users, not plus ones.  But, much appreciated for all your help and patience!

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Wow. This thread and steps suggested by csihilling saved my sanity.

I worked on a Word doc attached to a note, saved, closed. Opened 5 minutes later just to find that it's all gone. Almost got gray hair. Followed the steps and found the backup in the Evernote database folder. 

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