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Picture resizing in Evernote Windows - How frustrating


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I'm a new user to evernote and while I have found evernote to be the answer to the vast majority of my needs I can't get around how frustrating being unable to resize pictures in a note is. 

The lack of any re-size feature means my notes are quite unorganised. 

Does anyone know an alternative to Evernote that allows for this very basic feature. 



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Hi.  Sorry but if you like Evernote's features,  you'll probably find most alternatives are sadly lacking.  Try OneNote if you really need better layout for your note content,  but there's a fairly steep learning curve to get around...

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You can use a table as some kind of grid layout and put text and images in the cells. The image width is automatically resized to the cell width (the height is adjusted to keep the original aspect ratio).

With the latest evernote release you can resize the table columns by dragging the vertical borders...

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