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Web Client Release 8/26/2015 - Bug Fixes & Filtering of Nested Tags



Hi everyone, 


We have a lightweight week this week. Mostly bug fixes. Keep the feedback coming. 


- Nancy 


Filtering Through Nested Tags - Previously if you tried to filter through the tags list, the search results would not auto expand a collapsed parent by default. This made it hard to see the nested tags that matched your search. We weren’t able to add this feature when we originally implemented the viewing of nested tags, but it’s now available. 
+ Minor tweaks to formatting bar
+ Minor Bug Fixes 
Features that are coming in a later release
 - Creation of nested tags
 - Multiselect / Bulk actions on notes
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Hi Nancy. Can you filter using multiple tags yet? I think you need a better way to view and edit long lists of tags from both the edit pane and info box.


Hi pac_71, 


Right now the best way to do this is via the search icon/ui. You can learn more about our search syntax here: 




ex) If you are looking for a note with tag A and tag B you would search for 

"tag: A tag: B"

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