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When Evernote is fullscreen, new windows should open on a desktop



When Evernote is in full-screen mode, I often want to open a note into its own window so that I can reference it next to another window on a desktop. Currently, if I open a note into its own window, it remains on the same full-screen as the Evernote application, and there is no way to move it to another desktop (as of OS X 10.10.5). 


To work around this, I need to:

1) un-full-screen the Evernote application

2) open the note that I want into its own window

3) re-full-screen the Evernote application


I'd prefer that opening a new note always put the new window onto an existing desktop rather than keeping it along with the full-screen Evernote application.

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I don't understand why the fullscreen mode of Version 6.4 in Mac / El Capitan is completely contained within its own screen now. The note blocks the entire Evernote screen, being full screen and blotting out Evernote. It used to be different and more useful. It definitely makes it a lot less usable. As described, one now needs to un-full-screen it to make it useable in full-screen mode. Somehow it kind of allows --- almost --- to move individual notes to another desktop screens. Almost. Not in reality. 

Another aspect: If you have a big screen, like a cinema display, in El Capitan you can now combine 2 "full-screen" apps on one "desktop". Eg, this is useful to have Evernote and Mail side by side. But then, the notes kind get a bit of "skinny", since the whole user interface is just half the screen. If you now open a note to better see it, the note blocks the whole "full screen", that is, Evernote and Mail. If you want to see Mail again, the note window disappears.... Mail on the other hand, only blocks out its part of the "full screen" view. (Needless to say that going through the un-fulls-creen/re-full-screen procedure that the original poster mentioned is really an ordeal with split-fulls-creen setups.)

This is probably El Capitan's fault; Mac user interfaces changes such as the split full-screen are often half-baked and many applications struggle with supporting them properly, resulting in an overall user interface mess. Somehow the idea of the features are kind of useful, but inconsistently supported by non-Apple applications.... and as Apple applications often only stun by visual design and "stun" productivity, that's a problem.

But I join the original poster in his quest to get some usability, whatever the challenges of Apple's user interface ideas and iOS/MacOS mess.

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PS: I now found that the Evernote pop-up can actually be put in full-screen mode (green button), unblocking Evernote by expanding to another desktop. 

Un-full-screening it again will put it as a window on another desktop, without blocking Evernote.

For the usecase of having a Mail Window and an Evernote Note side by side, it's not yet useful since Apple Mail does neither allow full-screening the pop-ups nor putting them on a separate desktop. (I guess, documentation of GUI behavior has nowadays unfashionable, and efficient work become an Odyssey of experimenting with undocumented and inconsistent behavior that may change between releases.)

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+1 - we need to be able to have multiple Evernote notes with its own fullscreen (for macOS 10.12), so that we can cycle between different notes. It's very helpful in writing processes, and probably many other things. Older versions of Evernote used to allow this.

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