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New Web Data Density & How to always show notebooks?



So....tried the new web version today.  And well, my blood pressure probably did not do well.  Thankfully you can turn it back for now... I know its a beta, but the entire design concept is troubling.


But, to be constructive:


1. Is there any way to always show notebooks?   (the three pane view of Notebooks -> Notes -> Note is very efficient for minimal clicking   ...this beta shows and hides lots of data needlessly, with annoying animations on top...and I want to see all of it at once or I feel like my data is being hidden.)


2. Data Density.  In the old version (and desktop version) I could see about 40+ notebooks and 20ish notes at once.  In the new version I think its about 15 notebooks and 12 or so notes.  That just kills things right there....and it seems like it's just to have a big gray font and be less "table looking"? 


We at least need an option to use the smallest readable font and to pack in the data.  Scrolling and "virtual tab switching" wastes time and short term memory.  (I use 6 screens to avoid window switching all the time.)  Just like when gmail defaulted to its widely spaced format, the option remained to keep it tight.


It's pretty, but it doesn't work for working.  Compact static grids can be good things.



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Thank you for the feedback and taking aside the time to try out the New Web Client.  Right now there is no way to make the notebooks list sticky, but we understand the general problem this new problem introduces and how it is less efficient. In terms of the data density, we have some additional changes coming down the line that will address this but we recently added some features to make the note list view more manageable if you do wish to see more notes. You can learn more about how to customize the note list here: 





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I'm really surprised this hasn't been introduced as a proper feature in all this time :(

The Windows desktop app is amazing, but as shiny as the web one is, the functionality just isn't quite there. At any rate, I've developed a little hack for this. I don't know how long it will last, but here you go, just enter this into a browser extension  that lets you load jQuery & execute a script when you load up a website (I use CJS; Custom Javascript for Websites):


let button = [];
// we need to wait for the notebook button to load up, so we'll poll for it to be sure
// this interval never ends; we keep it going to ensure the notebook is reopened whenever Evernote closes it (like when you change notebooks)
let waitForButton = setInterval(function(){
    // if it's there, lets do some work
        // let's not do anything if the panel's open already
            // timeouts to combat Evernote's animations
                // move the NoteView over a bit
                   marginLeft: '710px' 
                // move the NotesListView over a bit
                    marginLeft: '360px'
                // shrink the notebook drawer a bit
                   width: '360px' 
                // click the notebook button to open the drawer (and make sure we fire all of Evernote's associated events)
                // be sure it's open and tehn kill the translucent overlay
                       display: 'none',
                       pointerEvents: 'none',
                       opacity: '0'
        // keep trying to fetch the button if we don't have it yet
        button = $('#gwt-debug-Sidebar-notebooksButton');


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