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Feature Request: Featured Note

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Hi It would be great if we can set a note as "featured", where the "featured" note will always be shown every time Evernote is launched. 


The scenarios where the featured note would be really helpful when we have a: 

   1. Daily TODO list

   2. Long-term life goals that you want to see every time Evernote is launched so that to get energized and focused. 






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Add a reminder to a note to have it pinned to the top of your note list on desktop/ accessible via the alarm clock icon on mobile in any context. You may also add a note to your shortcut list, which you can keep expanded in your left panel on desktop or hit the star icon on mobile to access wherever you might be.

A suggestion: why don't you just take a snapshot on mobile and screenshot on desktop of your to-do list/ life goals... And set that as your background image. That way you don't even have to open Everote to get energized and focussed.

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