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Retrieving deleted notes

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Hi all,


  I have stupidly deleted a note which contains important information (don't they all?).  I use  an HTC phone.  I am currently using the free version but I cannot find a "Trash" button which would hopefully allow me to retrive the deleted note.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Mistakes handling steps: 

  1. try Undo
  2. kill sync so you don't clone the problem across your account,  and check other versions - mobile / desktop / web based to see if you can retrieve
  3. check the Trash and (if you have one) Conflicting Changes notebooks for possible copy notes
  4. if your note has existed for a while,  and the actual note still exists,  check Note History - consider upgrading if you don't have Premium,  older history will still be available.
  5. if you're technical, a version of your notes may still exist in your device's temporary memory - up to you to find and extract it though...
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