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Losing pictures in Snapshots

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I use evernote on my mobile device for taking snapshot of electrical cabinets.

I take a snapshot , containing multiple images, of all incorrect issues in a cabinet.


At my desk i open the snapshot at my workstation (Web Edition as I am not allowed to install) and add chackboxes and action items in between the pictures of the snapshot.


My issues:


- It is very hard to position the cursor correctly, if I press enter  the photo starts shifting downward, even if I first Clock under the photo.

-I lost multiple (very valuable) pictures when trying to undo this! , I have to do a revisit of the cabinet for it.....

- There is no Undo in the edit possible

When inserting text under the last picture, at the bottom of the snapshot, the screen doesnt show the typing, unless I slide with the vertical slidebar.


Positioning the ciursor in this forum goes equally bad... very severe lag issues !

Thats why I dont correct the typing errors, getting the cursor at the fault is hell


How can I setup Reminders in a 24 hour format and not the (for Europeans ) ridiculous AM Pm thing..?




J.A. (Jan-Arie) Scheer BEng

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Hi.  Would you be allowed to upload pictures from your mobile device via your workstation?  To avoid picture loss you could simply take pictures to your mobile device gallery,  and upload from there to the workstation and then to the Evernote Web client,  plus your comments on any faults.  Your other issues are not (AFAIK) currently possible within Evernote,  but may be adopted as feature requests for the future...

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