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Third Party Windows Apps


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I have one rather serious problem with third party apps that work with EN, and that is too many of these apps work with the Apple products; some work with Android products, and too few work with laptops or desk products.  


For example, there is a product called "Sortly," that acts like an inventory control for the home, which allows the user to catalog their stuff including pictures of their stuff.  There's a place to put the financials of a piece of furniture or electronic gadget.  Very nice.  Only problem is, the program only works initially with iPad or iPhone.  It doesn't yet, (if ever) work  with Android.  It doesn't function with Windows or Window Apps.  


There are many third party programs that fall in the same category.  


I would like to see all companies and individuals who are developing useful products that connect with Evernote to give some serious effort to have programs that work with laptops and desk computers.  


Your thoughts please.

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I don't really know, but my impression is that many of these Evernote Add-on/Trunk developers are very small companies, with maybe only one or two developers.  I suspect they choose the platform that they either know, or want to know, and don't have the time and resources to support multiple platforms.

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