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New Evernote For Windows 5.9.1

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Since updating to Ver 5.9.1 there seems to be new behavior involved with the way Notebook column re-sizing works. It always defaults to width of 215 px no matter how many times I manually resize it, as soon as I switch windows or minimize Evernote window, the Notebook column goes back to 215 px. This is a problem since I have notebook names that are longer than that and I want them to be visible. This is something I noticed since Ver 5.9.1. Either its a BUG or a new forced behavior that I didn't ask for or want. Please revert back to the manual way or re sizing it and evernote remembering the values. Thank you.

Here are screenshots to illustrate the problem.


Aaaaaand this bug is back. Same on my machine. Drat.


I too have been struggling with this BUG in the tables ever since was installed.  Why has it not been fixed yet?  I keep redoing the widths and after I minimize then go back to the table, it is all messed up again!  


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Thanks for your post PeeJayTee (#94) - I have retreated to version 5.8.12 on my production systems but will re-install a newer version of 5.9 on one of my non-production systems when I see word that the tables problem has been fixed.

I am pretty sure that all the tables I am using were created from within Evernote for the simple reason that I mostly live within the Evernote eco-system and only exit into MS Word when absolutely necessary - for example, the conformance certificates I issue have a "pretty" colour header and footer in an MS Word template - and I simply cut and paste part of the contents of my Evernote template into an MS Word template and rarely - if ever - copy and paste from MS Word into Evernote.


FWIW - I am really not sure how I could cope without Evernote to achieve what I am currently doing - so a big vote of thanks to the Evernote team for creating a product that really improves my productivity. I guess I could just about manage without Evernote, but my leadtimes would go way out - and time isn't something that some of my applicants have too much of.

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Just opened a note with a large "formatted" table (column widths set as best as could be and would properly auto-adjust to window width when sized--not perfect, but workable). I've been using this table for the better part of three years and now it's illegible.  It is completely FUBAR.  Y'all really screwed the pooch on this latest update.  The table control is completely useless and any table I touch is completely and utterly whacked.  If anyone is using tables and expects their formatting (as it were) to remain useful, DON'T MODIFY YOUR TABLES UNTIL THIS IS FIXED!!! on Windows 7 Pro


Suggestion for table control:

  • Allow columns with Fixed and Variable Column widths.
  • THEN remember, don't (ever) adjust a column that has been Fixed.
  • Oh yeah,... allow the formatting to be EDITED!!!  (
    • If I place a table with 50% width, allow me to change it to 80% or 100%
    • Allow changes to Fixed width (once you figure that one out)
    • Let me copy a table row/column to an new table row/column with original content

Also, I'm still waiting for a three-state checkbox. Just DO IT!


Oh, of course, the edits I made to the table in Windows completely fouled up the Android view.  Can't adjust zoom/rotate to make it readable.

AAHHGGGG!!!!  I can not tell you how PISSED I am right now.    

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I have the latest version on my windows desktop and can't resize the window and be able to see my notes. When it get smaller there is no horizontal scroll bar. Please fix this asap, I can't use evernote as it takes over my whole screen. 

Not having the note view resize is bad enough but without scroll bars it's a joke.

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Using version 5.9.1 on Windows 10. Now Evernote freezes when trying to print to pdf any note. Anyone there with this problem?



I am on Evernote Windows (276742) Public with Windows 10

Not having any problems printing PDF's with my Epson XP-310 printer

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Thanks gazumped and jbenson2


I'm also using and Evernote freezes with print preview or when directly trying to print the note to a pdf.


What PDF program are you using to print the Evernote note to a PDF file?

I printed an Evernote text note with 1.) Foxit PhantomPDF printer, 2.) Quicken PDF printer, and 3.) Cute PDF writer. Each program created a PDF file which I could print.

I also printed an Evernote PDF attachment stored in an Evernote note.

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If you didn't get an immediate response with a ticket number,  you're doing it wrong.  Please try again - choose the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


Premium users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.

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When clicking your link I get to the support form but I am not logged. If I log to my Evernote account this points to my notes then I can't reach the support form. I'm sorry but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Im not a Premium but a Plus user.


Thanks again

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Guys maybe I am being stupid, but have tried anywhere to get an answer to a column and table problem, searched got to this page. I am using Win10, latest ver. of EN. I created a table on the PC. When I print, the tables' column width changes.

Then I sync to my IPhone and Ipad, the column width changes. How do I avoid this.

It cuts the numbers in half in two or more lines and or prints over the column width.

Please can any one assist.

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If you are comfortable making simple HTML changes you can modify the characteristics of the table to be fixed width using this tool.  Another option is to create the table in word to begin with and paste into the note.

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...and if you don't mind a table with fixed content,  use a screen grab of the table rather than the editable version - it will at least preserve the layout for presentations.  You can always add the editable version at the end of your document to aid searches and so you can change the content and replace the picture if necessary.

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