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Evernote data or business continuity in event of Data loss (Evernote side )

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Hi All, 


I know its the most widely used application for notes. I below from IT background, Using this tool for my personal use - I have several hours effort of notes into ever note 


I have one question : 


How is ever note maintain data of users ? What if data servers crash  ?Do you have effective backup plan where you do weekly or fortnightly backup.


Can I be rest assured that my data would not be lost in case of any system crash ? ( I am not talking about data security but data backup ) 


Like google have several layer of data prevention architecture , that makes it technically impossible to loss any email or information of user .



Note : I am refering to data saved into evernote and hence evernote server .





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Here is some information from Evernote that might be helpful.


Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection 





Security overview





A Digest of Evernote’s Architecture


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